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Best Tomb Raider Games, All 17 Ranked (Worst to Best)


Best Tomb Raider Games, All 17 Ranked (Worst to Best)

The Tomb Raider series is one of the most well known in gaming. Host to exceptional highs and depressing lows, it has seen its titular protagonist take on all manner of ancient traps and untold evils to learn the truths of the world, and amass additions to her fortunes along with it. With well over a dozen entries in the series though, some are obviously better than others. We’re ranking the best Tomb Raider games ever.

Editors’ note: this article excludes mobile titles.

17. Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

Best Tomb Raider Games

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The Tomb Raider most certainly had a low point, and Angel of Darkness was the lowest. Coming off of several iterations which felt recycled and rehashed from earlier entries, it was meant to be a step forward into the sixth console generation for a brand new trilogy, telling the tale of Lara Croft’s journey to uncover invaluable paintings scattered across the world.

To its credit, there were signs of this ambition: The game featured some decent story ideas and twists, and the ability to choose dialogue options was an interesting way to flesh out the player’s role in Lara’s adventure.

Unfortunately, the overall game was fraught with bugs and glitches, and new mechanics like a stamina bar for climbing hampered players to an infuriating degree. If you pass up on any entry this list of best Tomb Raider games, let it be this one.

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