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5 Games Besides Spider-Man that Really Made You Feel Like a Superhero


5 Games Besides Spider-Man that Really Made You Feel Like a Superhero

When you think about playing a video game starring a superhero, you probably imagine super movement: running faster, jumping higher, or punching harder. Whether we’re talking about a preexisting licensed superhero, or a completely original one, quality movement should be a top priority. Many superpowers are almost tailor-made for exploring the space around you. Take Spider-Man, for example; good game or bad, the swinging mechanic is always important and often the highlight. With Marvel’s Spider-Man releasing this week, let’s take a look back at some of the games that truly nailed the movement and traversal of a superhero.

Games that Made You Feel Like a Superhero

Batman: Arkham Knight

The finale of Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight absolutely perfected Batman’s movement. Half of the time, Batman uses the shadows to accomplish his goals, preying on fear as only a Dark Knight could. The stealth mechanics in this game are very good, and the way you creep around and stalk your enemies, picking them off one by one, feels great. The crouched dashing and quiet swinging around the rafters are given just as much importance as Batman’s big sweeping movement. Bats has plenty of advantage here, of course, with his many gadgets and night vision. The way the player is able to pivot from silent horror to brutal hurricane is a triumph of design.

As well as being a ninja, Batman’s other claim to fame is falling with style. Arkham Knight gives players plenty of opportunity to stretch the cape. Batman’s grapnel upgrades in AK allow him to launch himself very high into the sky, giving the player a beautiful view of the huge city, and ample space for gliding and dive-bombing. Gliding through the skies to observe the trouble then swooping down unexpectedly is peak Batman, and Rocksteady delivered spectacularly.

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