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Death’s Gambit vs. Salt and Sanctuary: Which Is Better?


Death’s Gambit vs. Salt and Sanctuary: Which Is Better?

Death’s Gambit and Salt and Sanctuary

death's gambit, salt and sanctuary

There are tons of Souls-like games out in the wild right now, but at the moment, there are two games in particular that stand at the forefront of discussion when people ask about games they should play if they like Dark Souls. There’s Salt and Sanctuary, which released two years ago and just got a Switch port this month, and Death’s Gambit, which just launched this week.

The reason why we’ve decided to take a look at these two games specifically is because they’re similar in ways that aren’t applicable to other Souls-like titles like Nioh. Both games play out on a 2D plane (though with different art styles), and both were developed by independent developers who are clear fans of From Software’s games, but are determined to provide a fresh spin on the Souls formula we all know and love.

For today, we’ll be examining and analyzing both games in four different categories: combat, level design, character customization, and lore. We’ll pick a winner for each category before crowning an overall victor when all’s said and done. So, let’s get to it.

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