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Top 7 Best Co-Op Games of 2018 So Far


Top 7 Best Co-Op Games of 2018 So Far

Overcooked 2

Best Co-Op Games of 2018 So Far

The first Overcooked game was built around being a co-op experience. Of course, you could play it alone, but it was significantly better with at least one partner, and the sequel is no different. As you play through the game’s levels in an attempt to save the Onion Kingdom from the Unbread (yes, zombie bread), you’ll be shouting at your partners. Whether they be too slow, or repeatedly throwing lettuce into a river, you’ll be close to re-creating the Gordon Ramsey ‘Idiot Sandwich’ meme.

Thankfully, the controls and basic premise are easy to get your head around. It’s just making the food we all know and love, after all. The new recipes and dynamic levels are really fun, and the new online multiplayer options make Overcooked 2 perfect for co-op play, even if you’re not next to each other on the couch. No matter what you’re doing, remember rule number one: communication is key.

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