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5 Game-Changing Innovations From Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo This Gen


5 Game-Changing Innovations From Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo This Gen

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For decades, the idea of virtual reality was nothing but a concept meant for the future. Movies made in the 80s relied on characters wearing VR headsets to show the audience that what they were viewing was set in the future. Nintendo tried a VR of sorts in the 90s. Time and time again, companies did all they could to tap into this market, but they all arrived at the same conclusion: the technology wasn’t yet there. It wouldn’t be until 2016 that a VR headset would release to the public that was not only affordable but actually worked as intended. That headset is Sony’s PlayStation Virtual Reality headset.

If you’ve tried PSVR before, you know it’s the real deal. Simply put, it works. One moment, you’re stuck on earth with the rest of us and the next, you’re in the middle of a London Heist, or underwater fending off a shark, or stuck in a house only your nightmares could dream up. Because of PSVR, the public finally has a virtual reality device that truly makes users feel as if they’ve been transported to somewhere different and it’s a device widely-available at an affordable price. Hell, you can find a PSVR unit for $200 nowadays. Not only is PSVR affordable and not only does it work, but it’s succeeding and it will likely continue to do so. For the first time ever, we live in a world where a tech-giant has not only created a tried-and-true VR headset but continues to provide support to it and seemingly will for years to come. For the first time ever, VR is here to stay and in a very real way, video games will never be the same because of it. Sure, we’ll have our standard video games alongside VR for the foreseeable future, but as time goes on, VR will only continue to advance. Who knows: one day we might hit a point where playing a non-VR title seems archaic.

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