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Shining Resonance Refrain: Tips & Tricks For Beginners


Shining Resonance Refrain: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Explore Marga and Take on Lots of Sidequests

The city of Marga functions as your base of operations throughout the entirety of Shining Resonance Refrain, and you’ll be spending a lot of time there. Luckily, there’s plenty to see and do. If it’s story you’re interested in, keep an eye out for little speech bubbles on the map. If you go to the bubble and interact with the character you’ll get to see an optional scene that’s either funny, has some interesting character development, or a lore drop. Some of the best story moments in Shining Resonance Refrain happen through these optional scenes, so definitely check them out.

On the other side of things, you’ll also see characters with little icons that look like a piece of paper. These NPCs will give you little quests to undertake, that usually consist of killing a certain amount of a specific enemy or gathering items. They’re very simple, but the easiest thing to do is just run around Marga and pick up a ton of them. Don’t go out of your way to complete these quests if you don’t want, but by activating them you’ll be able to complete many by simply playing regularly, and then cash in the next time you’re in Marga.

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