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Mario Tennis Aces: Top 5 Best Characters to Use


Mario Tennis Aces: Top 5 Best Characters to Use


Top 5 Best Characters in Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces Bowser

Bowser is not for those with slow reflexes. Fairly inaccessible for rookie players, people who have mastered the nuances of Mario Tennis will flourish with the raw power behind his shots. Funnily enough, despite his dreadful foot speed, matches that involve Bowser will typically move much faster, with rallies rocketing back at the opponent quick as a flash.

Bowser’s specialty is in making opponents run so that he doesn’t have to; he can hang back on the baseline and send out fearsome charged shots the likes of which nobody else short of Chain Chomp could match. If you’re truly courageous, he’s a blast to put right at the net, because his large size also gives him considerable reach – but watch out for those lobs, they are like Kryptonite for the big guy.

If he’s on the defensive and forced to move around, it’s basically a lost effort, as he will burn through his energy fast and likely end up conceding anyway, so it’s sometimes preferable to just let individual points go if you can afford them.

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