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Beat Saber: How to Get Custom Songs


Beat Saber: How to Get Custom Songs

How to Get Custom Songs in Beat Saber

While Beat Saber is a feat for virtual reality in many ways — if you’ve played it, you know just how fun it is — it does fall quite short in one regard: its library. Simply put, the library is very shallow. Featuring only 10 songs, much is to be desired. Specifically, more songs. Fear not, though, as there are ways to fix this; adding custom songs into the library is a breeze.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is download and install a small open-source plugin created for the purpose of adding custom songs into Beat Saber. Head on over to Github and download the Song Loader Plugin.

To do so, you need download the First Time Installer Zip File. After that, make sure Beat Saber is off, or rather, not running at all. From there, unzip the file you just downloaded. In that file folder, you’re looking for “Beat Saber.exe.” Once you’ve located that file, drag it onto another file titled, “IPA.exe.”

Now, open the game. Assuming you did everything correctly, opening and launching the game should be business as usual.

With this plugin installed, you’re ready to download custom songs. Find a site that you can trust with a library of songs available for Beat Saber. A community favorite is Beat Saver. On Beat Saver, you’ll find not only a load of songs available to download for free, but ratings and comments for each. Each file from Beat Saver will download as a zip file featuring a folder with several files — one of those files will be the actual song. Anyway, extract the zip file you downloaded into the CustomSongs folder that the plugin you recently downloaded created. After doing that, simply launch Beat Saber and within your library of songs, you should see the custom song you downloaded.

That’s all you need to know about how to get custom songs in Beat Saber. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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