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PUBG: How to Get Secret Stash & What it Is


PUBG: How to Get Secret Stash & What it Is

Secret Squirrel.

How to Get Secret Stash in PUBG

With a name like Secret Stash, you had to know that people would be hurriedly scrounging for details, eager to track down this mysterious prize – but the true nature of it may actually turn out to be a little underwhelming, if you were expecting something grander.

The Secret Stash is a time-limited section of PUBG Mobile’s store, and it offers a variety of cosmetic items at a reduced cost. The ‘secret’ part of the equation comes from the fact that the selection of items is different for every person, which means that your friend may end up copping that sweet piece of gear you had your eyes on first.

To access your current Secret Stash, simply select the shop option in the main menu, and click on the second tab (the one that looks like a stopwatch). Here you will be able to see the items available to you, as well as the time remaining before it rolls over to the next batch.

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