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July 2018 PS Plus Free Games Predictions


July 2018 PS Plus Free Games Predictions



Those who subscribe to Sony’s online services are gifted a few free titles through the included PlayStation Plus program. Along with a few smaller indies, one larger title usually makes the list so as to keep PlayStation fans happy with sticking to the Sony train.

For the upcoming month of July 2018, we predict the larger title released on PS Plus will be Mafia III from Hangar 13 and 2K Games. Releasing back in 2016, it’s been an appropriate amount of time since release for Sony to start considering adding it to program as a free AAA title. When it comes to adding those bigger games, a couple years at least is the usual wait time for Sony in the past like with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that released in 2016 and was on PS Plus in January 2018, Bloodborne that also released in 2015 and was free in March 2018, or Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain that released in 2015 and was free in October 2017.

As well, Mafia III was 2K’s “fasting-selling game ever” back in 2017 with 4.5 million copies selling in the game’s first week despite mixed reviews complaining about persistent bugs and a narrative that drops off in the second half. Since it had steady figures in the beginning that tampered off as a few years went by, this would mean that it’s less likely it’s a high selling title these days and therefore a great contender for PS Plus since lots of players who didn’t buy into initial hype would still like to get around to playing it.

Check out page two where we look into a few possible indie game that could make the PS Plus list for July 2018.

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