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Here’s Everything We Know Sony Will Show at E3 2018


Here’s Everything We Know Sony Will Show at E3 2018


Sony and PlayStation 4 at E3

Sony is doing things a bit differently this year with their E3 conference, as they’ll be focusing on what they’re calling the “big four.” The conference will deep dive on four big upcoming PS4 games, the first of which is the highly anticipated Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, the creators of Ratchet & Clank.

Spider-Man tells an original story for the characters, and sees an older Peter Parker who’s now been the titular hero for eight years. Since Peter is an experienced Spidey he already has a full grasp on his powers, and he’s more than comfortable as the hero, meaning this isn’t going to be just another origin story. Although we don’t know too much about exact story details yet we do know a number of characters that will be appearing including Mary Jane, Miles Morales, Mr. Negative, Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, Norman Osborn, and Shocker.

Gameplay-wise, Game Informer’s cover story earlier this year gave us our most in-depth look yet showing off how interactive the world can be, web-swinging, various gadgets you’ll have access to, and a bit of how combat works. The new game has a big focus on momentum, keeping Spider-Man moving through the environment through a combination of parkour and web-swinging. Considering the game is set to launch on Sept. 7, you can expect we’ll get a good amount of details at this year’s E3.

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