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Top 10 Best Games Shown at Nintendo’s E3 2018 Conference


Top 10 Best Games Shown at Nintendo’s E3 2018 Conference

Smash Bros. and (probably) more!

10. Hollow Knight

Best Games at Nintendo E3

Hollow Knight

The Switch has become a bastion for indie games over the last year, and Hollow Knight stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the finest efforts available on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Taking the reins of the titular knight, players leap, dash and pummel foes across a range of imaginative locations. Still images do not do this game justice; with its silky smooth animations, particle effects that dance lazily across the screen, and characters so full of life, it almost seems cruel to kill them, Hollow Knight looks and feels like indie crack. Meaning that in the best way possible, of course.

If the smattering of footage shown at E3 was enough to wowser your trousers, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can download Hollow Knight now on the eShop and experience the magic firsthand. Don’t let the title fool you, because you will be anything but hollow after just a few minutes with this beauty.

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