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Top 3 Easiest PS4 Trophies & Platinums of May 2018


Top 3 Easiest PS4 Trophies & Platinums of May 2018

Forgotton Anne

Easiest PS4 Trophies and Platinums of May 2018

Forgotton Anne tells a wonderful story about an innocent young girl in a mysterious world who’s asked to quash the rebellion that’s begun to take over. On the surface, it is a puzzle platformer, but the focus is the whimsical story and fascinating cast of characters. Also, since it is a short, narrative-focused game, the trophies are quite simple.

First off, the benefit of playing on PlayStation 4 is that you get colored trophies rather than achievements with ridiculous values. The 34 trophies are quite simple, with you being able to unlock most of them by simply playing through the story, which takes about six hours. You will have to return to a chapter or two once you’re done to clear up a couple of choice-based trophies, and you’ll need to keep an eye out for all the collectible mementos. All but four of the trophies are hidden, but there’s no need to worry about missing many of them.

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