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Stunning HD Dragon’s Crown Pro Artwork that Need to be Your New Background


Stunning HD Dragon’s Crown Pro Artwork that Need to be Your New Background

Dragon’s Crown has just been revitalized for the current generation with a remaster that updates this gorgeous game to an even more beautiful 4K UHD package. It features everything you loved about the first game, and has some smaller additions such as a new recorded soundtrack and audio options. There’s also a four-player co-op mode that is an absolute must-play. The key takeaway, though, has to be how utterly stunning the aesthetic is now updated for PS4.

To get you in the mood, we’ve compiled 10 awesome Dragon’s Crown Pro wallpapers worthy of making it onto your computer background. These are unlockable pieces of art you can find throughout the game. Enjoy!

Completing the quest Kill Killer Fish gets you this epic image of a “sea god” on the hunt.  download

Lord of the Undead Swordsmen casually sitting upon his throne, sword in hand. download

What a stunning design, encapsulating the sense of adventure in Dragon’s Crown Pro download

Cool design showcasing the Fighter, Sorceress, Elf, and Wizard download

This particular artwork is a perfect tone-piece for the game download

We adore this sinister and mischievous design download

More atmospheric artwork that feels grounded in the Dragon’s Crown universe download

Who needs a gargoyle, right? download

Tavern banter! download

This HQ logo might be from the original game rather than Dragon’s Crown, but it’s a suitable homage nonetheless. download

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