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Hyrule Warriors Switch: Best Characters in the Game


Hyrule Warriors Switch: Best Characters in the Game


Best Characters in Hyrule Warriors Switch

Volga is one of the original characters introduced in Hyrule Warriors, and the fearsome dragon knight is a force to be reckoned with. Despite his high strength, he’s a surprisingly fast character. Volga’s spear also means that he has some great range, and combined with his high attack speed he can absolutely destroy waves of enemies. His Y combo when upgraded releases a huge explosion at the end that’s great for crowd control. At the same time, his X combo move is good for causing decent damage to enemy characters and bosses.

All of his moves can basically be used to stagger enemies or do crowd control, and he really does excel in pretty much every aspect. On top of that, he just looks cool in that red dragon armor, so it’s a win-win right?

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