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5 Games That Made the Most Money at Launch


5 Games That Made the Most Money at Launch

Grand Theft Auto V

Games That Made Most Money At Launch

grand theft auto v

In terms of sales, Grand Theft Auto V really is in a league of its own. The game took in a staggering $800 million on its first day of release, and has since gone on to smash countless records. Most notably, the game was recently highlighted as the most lucrative entertainment product of all time, beating out not just its gaming competitors, but that of film, TV, books and music too. To date, the game is estimated to have earned over $6 billion in revenue, selling over 90 million copies worldwide.

The game’s continued success can likely be attributed to its frequently updated online component, GTA: Online. Through microtransactions, add-on packs and other new content, Rockstar has managed to keep the game’s revenue stream alive and well, even five years after release. It remains to be seen if any game has a chance of even coming close to Grand Theft Auto V in terms of sales, GTA VI perhaps?

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