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5 Best Steam Games of April 2018


5 Best Steam Games of April 2018

Skyrim VR

Best Steam Games of April 2018

Bethesda is at it again with another Skyrim game. You might be thinking why you should buy this game again for the fourth time, and the reason is simple: VR. This Steam game takes the action to you (assuming you have a VR headset), bringing you straight to the world of Skyrim. You can finally experience the game in true first-person perspective, living out your life as the Dragonborn. Fulfill your destiny and defeat the evil dragon, Alduin, who’s prophesied to bring havoc and ruin to the world. That said, Skyrim VR also comes bundled with all of the previously released DLC, so you can go off trotting with Serena and the Dawnguard on their exclusive missions. There’s honestly no better way to experience Skyrim than in VR.

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