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5 Things That Would Make the Next God of War Even Better


5 Things That Would Make the Next God of War Even Better

Warning: This post contains some minor spoilers for God of War. If you want to enjoy the story spoiler-free, we advise turning back now.

Other Mythologies

Kratos, Atreus

For the entirety of its existence on the PS3, the God of War series remained tied to Kratos’ Greek roots. We fought many Greek beasts and Gods that, by the end of the series, it felt about right that Kratos wandered off elsewhere to continue his murderous rampage.

The Norse mythology and setting of God of War on PS4 is part of what sets it apart from its predecessors, and helps to make this feel like a real, new adventure for Kratos, rather than retreading old ground with a fresh lick of paint.

And it was a success. Kratos, despite being a Greek god, doesn’t feel out of place in this Norse setting. His adventure throughout the world actually provides a ton of context and lore thanks to the ever-inquisitive Atreus and your guide throughout the world, Mimir.

Being able to soak up the legends, fables, and lore of another mythology would certainly be welcomed with open arms. Though there’s arguably some loose ends still to tie up in Midgard and the different realms, there are so many more mythologies we’d love to see Kratos get wrapped up in. Egyptian, Japanese, Mayan? We’d be all in. It’s even been hinted at (and discussed in interviews) in the latest game, too, so here’s hoping.

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