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10 Times Nintendo Got Even Weirder Than Labo


10 Times Nintendo Got Even Weirder Than Labo

Wii Vitality Sensor

The Nintendo Wii had its fair share of gaming accessories back in the day, from tennis rackets to the Mario Kart steering wheels. Some were obviously better than others, to say the least. And then we have accessories like the Wii Vitality Sensor that never actually made it to the market. Announced back in E3 2009, this strange contraption looked better off in a hospital than beside your Wiimote. Supposedly, it would provide effects that could “relax the player” by telling them their heartbeat and about their body through methods only god (and Nintendo) knows.

Satoru Iwata promised that they would show the compatible software for the Vitality Sensor the following year, but the device wasn’t shown or even mentioned. And come 2013, Nintendo decided to pull the plug due to testing issues, stating that “was of narrower application than we had originally thought.” Even Iwata admitted that the concept was a bit of a stretch, though he would still have loved to make it a reality “if technology enhancements” had allowed for it. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the company ever pushed through with the idea. And while it might be a bit of a stretch, you never know, maybe the Vitality Sensor might have a second chance on the Labo. The robot sure did, after all.

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