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MTG: Muldrotha Card Strategies, Rules, & Guide (Magic the Gathering)


MTG: Muldrotha Card Strategies, Rules, & Guide (Magic the Gathering)

Rules and Strategies For Muldrotha in MTG

Muldrotha, the Gravetide? More like Muldrotha, the only Sultai Commander. In MTG, Muldrotha is a Sultai color Legendary Elemental Avatar 6/6 for 3GUB that reads as follows:

“During each of your turns, you may play up to one permanent card of each permanent type from your graveyard. (If a card has multiple permanent types, choose one as you play it.)”

While not the first time we see an effect like this, All Suns’ Dawn back in Fifth Dawn allows the same effect but for each color rather than permanent type, it does allow us to play a completely different game of MTG. As there are different ways to tackle this, let’s look at it from a Commander and Brawl format perspective.

In Magic the Gathering, your resources are limited to that of what’s in your hand. If you’re running a reanimator deck like that of Meren, Marchesa, or Karador, you can use your graveyard as an extra resource and often times want self-mill and discard effects. Muldrotha gives life to a card like Dream Halls – which allows you to discard a card instead of paying a card’s mana cost. It even gives you access to Food Chain, Tidespout Tyrant shenanigans as you can cast things again even if they’re countered!

Unlike the Meren, Karador, and other reanimator generals who need to target something and are vulnerable to exile effects like Deathrite Shaman, Muldrotha doesn’t care if something gets exiled as you’re casting the card again. Being in green allows us to ramp into silly things like Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and other big dudes who don’t mind sitting in the yard waiting for you to cheat them out. Blue, aside from giving access to control magic, gives plenty of card draw and allows a card like Mystic Remora to shine by never having to pay its cumulative upkeep cost and just casting it out every turn as your enchantment for the turn. Black gives us access to Edict effects like Fleshbag Marauder and Merciless Executioner that allow us to wipe the board of pesky indestructible creatures making way for us to bash face with our bigger dudes we bring back.

Even if there is a Bojuka Bog in every deck we face, there is no way they can keep up with exiling our yard indefinitely. I’m definitely looking forward to brewing with this creature and seeing it in action!

That’s all there is to Muldrotha in MTG! If you need more help with Magic the Gathering, let us know and we’ll help you out!

This post was originally authored by Alex Cruz.

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