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6 Future Labo Ideas Nintendo Should Totally Do Next


6 Future Labo Ideas Nintendo Should Totally Do Next

Rocket Ship

Let’s face it, most of us probably won’t be landing on the moon anytime soon. Thankfully, the Nintendo Labo has everything it needs to bring us up to space. As in, cardboard? No! Well, sure, but also it’s brilliant HD Rumble technology and a good dose of imagination on our part. Knowing Nintendo, it could easily shell out a template for an awesome-looking rocket. It would need to integrate the Switch screen and Joy Cons in there somewhere, so maybe the screen could be placed on the ship’s body?

A neat game would play out where you have to avoid any incoming asteroids and meteors from hitting your ship as you make your way to the moon, using the Joy Con gyroscope to navigate your space vessel. And once you finally get to the moon, maybe you can design your own flag and place it down yourself! Fly us to the moon and let us play among the Stars, Nintendo Labo.

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