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7 Indie Games Worth Having on Your Radar This Year


7 Indie Games Worth Having on Your Radar This Year

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7 Indie Games Worth Having on Your Radar This Year

I don’t know if they have surgeons working on the team of SCUM or what, but it’s by far the most over the top, ambitious survival simulation game I have ever seen. Not only for by indie games standard, but just… ever.

SCUM has a prison riot-turned-game show background where prisoners are forced to scavenge, kill, cooperate, and just generally do whatever it takes to survive. Your objective, is to try and escape this hell in one piece either by taking out anyone that crosses your path, or by working together. That’s up to you.

The rub here though is that there is a ridiculously detailed in-game multi parameter life monitor that tracks way more than you ever thought you would need. Heart rate, body fat, thirst, hunger etc.

Factors such as your age and physical or lack thereof will determine your initial strengths and weaknesses, but from that point on, everything you do like running, shooting, or even eating will factor into your character’s development and vitals. If you like surivival games, and are looking for one with an unprecedented amount of details, SCUM absolutely needs to be on your radar this year, and it has a pretty damn great chance of making it big.

SCUM will be out at some point this year for PC.

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