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4 Best 4K HDR Gaming Monitors for 2018


4 Best 4K HDR Gaming Monitors for 2018

Performance is important when trying to immerse yourself in a virtual experience. Both in single and multiplayer games, having a screen or monitor which offers a crisp and clear image of the title being played is key for immersion, and can be the difference between an unforgettable escape or a frustrating slog through dropped frame rates and resolution drops.

Unfortunately, this can come at a high price financially, especially with the constantly advancing progress and availability of new technologies. It’s good then that 4K and HDR are becoming easier and cheaper to obtain, offering gamers some of the most visually stunning methods of playing their game possible without nuking their bank accounts. It can still be a perilous journey in finding the best monitor available though, so we’ve got you covered with four of the best 4K HDR gaming monitors available right now.

Samsung CHG90 Curved Gaming Monitor

Best 4K HDR Gaming Monitors for 2018

Boasting the width and power of several screens, this massive monitor is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their gaming experience to the max. Boasting a curved screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, it can keep up with even the most demanding titles through every action-packed set piece and white-knuckled confrontation. Likewise, it offers support for both PC and consoles, meaning you can enjoy the splendors of HDR for most every title available. It may be pricey at over $1,000, buyers will be hard pressed to find another monitor with the same power and sense of immersion.

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