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10 Best Far Cry 5 Arcade Map Editor Levels


10 Best Far Cry 5 Arcade Map Editor Levels

Far Cry 5 brings with it a new setting, a whole new collection of dangerous animals to contend with, and a enigmatic cult leader to overthrow. It also adds a more robust map editor mode called Far Cry Arcade, which allows players to build their own levels and maps using assets from other Ubisoft games. Assets from Watch Dogs, Far Cry Primal, Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed: Unity can be used to create new levels, with a surprising amount of depth possible. There have already been loads of wacky and downright awful user-created levels, but there are plenty of diamonds in the rough. Here’s the 10 most awesome Far Cry 5 map editor levels.

Baker Family House (Resident Evil 7)

best far cry arcade levels

Many of the coolest Far Cry 5 Arcade maps are directly inspired by other games. In this map by creator wim_buytaert (check it out in action via this video by TheRedTieGuy), the Baker family house from Resident Evil 7 is recreated, to seriously cool effect. The map allows players to relive the spooky opening from the game, starting off at the site of a car crash and leading right through until the player is stood outside of the house.

It’s a pretty spot-on recreation of the nightmare house, and goes to show some of the detail which is possible with the Far Cry 5 Arcade Mode map editor. The atmosphere is very close to the real thing, leaving us definitely wanting more. Let’s hope more of Resident Evil 7 can be recreated in the future, as it would be really cool to play the game as a more FPS-focused affair.

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