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Sea of Thieves: Can You Download Mods?


Sea of Thieves: Can You Download Mods?

Can You Download Mods in Sea of Thieves?

Modding has become a craze in modern gaming, to the point where it has almost become an expectation for titles of certain genres. With that said, one begins to wonder whether Sea of Thieves mods can be downloaded to cater to the perfect pirating experience.

This is not possible at this time, however, the team at Rare has not ruled it out as a possibility down the track. In a February interview with PC Gamer, PC design lead Ted Timmins said of mods, “We have talked about it. The thing that gives me great confidence about Sea of Thieves is we’re 150+ updates into a game that isn’t even out yet, and when we talk to our community, we do try to say, ‘we might not have everything you want at launch, but we’re pretty good at listening and acting and very, very good at updates’. So, when it comes to the mod side, obviously you can’t talk about PC gaming and not talk about mods… For Sea of Thieves, we first need to get out the door. What is Sea of Thieves at launch? And how does that grow over time?”

Should they decide to implement modding down the track as the game begins to evolve, we will update you with the latest information. For all of your most pressing Sea of Thieves questions, head on over to our wiki.

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