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OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

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OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

OWL Power Rankings – Stage 2 Week 5

1: New York Excelsior

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

Last Week: 1

Match Record (W-L): 18-2

Map Differential: +46

All hail the stage 2 champions! They may have blew it in stage 1, but there’s no doubt who the best team in Overwatch League is now as of the end of stage 2. They traded places with London a few times throughout this stage, but held onto this #1 spot for the most part and will certainly keep it going into stage 3. Look out for Saebyeolbe to throw out the first pitch at Citi Field in a few weeks!

2: London Spitfire

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

Last Week: 2

Match Record (W-L): 15-5

Map Differential: +35

Although they have to be a bit down about not repeating as stage champions, the London Spitfire still have to be satisfied with how they have played throughout this stage. They are right there with New York as the class of the league, and there’s no shame to losing to Philly. They just happened to catch the Fusion on one of those weird surges that they catch every so often.

3: Houston Outlaws

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

Last Week: 5

Match Record (W-L): 12-8

Map Differential: +17

Houston has been up and down this stage, but they finished strong with a win versus Seoul and when all’s said and done, we trust them to get a win in a big spot over some of the other teams lower down on this list.

4: Seoul Dynasty

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

Last Week: 3

Match Record (W-L): 14-6

Map Differential: +18

Overall, this has been a disappointing stage for the Dynasty. They have been on a downward track since their fast start in stage 1, and although they bounced back in stage 2, every time they got a test versus a top tier opponent like New York, London, or Houston, they failed. Still, they are in great shape for playoffs halfway through, and could certainly rise back atop our rankings if they play better than they did in stage 2.

5: Philadelphia Fusion

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

Last Week: 6

Match Record (W-L): 13-7

Map Differential: +8

Of course Philly went on a run right at the end to sneak into the stage 2 playoffs through the backdoor and almost stole it from the Excelsior! It’s the most Fusion thing they could have possibly done. It’s impossible to predict what the Fusion will do on a week to week basis. Every time I want to try and reward them with a higher spot on the rankings, they will lose to someone they have no business losing to. If I drop them, they do something like they did last week and almost win the whole damn stage. For now as we wrap up stage 2 and head into stage 3, we’ll peg them ahead of the other mid-tier teams, but below the more consistent top-tier squads.

6: Los Angeles Gladiators

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

Last Week: 4

Match Record (W-L): 10-10

Map Differential: -1

The Gladiators roared into life late in this stage, and while the finish was disappointing, losing to both Philly and Boston in week 5, the Gladiators have to be thrilled with how they played this stage. Through their efforts, they are right in the thick of the playoff race going into stage 3.

7: Boston Uprising

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

Last Week: 7

Match Record (W-L): 12-8

Map Differential: +9

I like to rip on Boston for being boring and not picking up signature wins, but credit them for finishing 4-0 over the last two weeks in this stage including wins over both LA teams. We’ll have to see if they can finally start ripping some Ws over the top three or four teams in the league in stage 3 or if they are destined to be average all year long.

8: Los Angeles Valiant

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

los angeles valiant

Last Week: 8

Match Record (W-L): 11-9

Map Differential: +8

What a disaster of a finish for the Valiant. They were in the driver’s seat for a stage 2 playoff spot and completely choked it away finishing 0-4. They are similar to Boston in that they don’t seem capable of consistently beating the top teams, but are way more disaster prone. They proved this in week 5 with a loss to Florida of all teams. Despite what their overall record says, they deserve this 8th place spot on our power rankings with how they have been playing as of late.

9: San Francisco Shock

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

Last Week: 9

Match Record (W-L): 6-14

Map Differential: -15

Like the Gladiators but not as dramatic, the Shock have played well in the second half of stage 2 and picked up a nice win versus the Outlaws to wrap things up. It’s going to take a lot of work to climb back up the standings, but if the Gladiators can do it, so can the Shock.

10: Florida Mayhem

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

Last Week: 11

Match Record (W-L): 4-16

Map Differential: -34

Speaking of playing much better, the Mayhem, too, are finally starting to consistently get wins against teams that aren’t named the Dragons. The Valiant might be playing like garbage, but they still have no business losing to the Mayhem. Credit to Florida for getting that win, and ending stage 2 on a far more positive note than the way they ended stage 1.

11: Dallas Fuel

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

Last Week: 10

Match Record (W-L): 5-15

Map Differential: -26

Stage 2 has been an absolute nightmare for the Fuel and they have to be happy to finally have it behind them. and to have a little bit of a break to try and regroup and figure what they need to do to path themselves back into contention. As it stands right now though, they look capable of beating no one other than the Dragons.

12: Shanghai Dragons

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 5

Last Week: 12

Match Record (W-L): 0-20

Map Differential: -64

We would love to find some nice things to say about the Dragons, but at the end of the day, they have won a total of eight maps all season long and have zero wins. Their best chances of getting a win next stage would still be against Florida, Dallas, and probably Philly. Since you know, Philly can beat anyone, or lose to anyone, on any given week. I would not be shocked to see the Dragons snipe Philly on one of the weeks where they decide to lay an egg.

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