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10 Games Like Far Cry 5 If You’re Looking for Something Similar


10 Games Like Far Cry 5 If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 brings a sprawling open world rendition of Montana to players’ consoles to explore at their own leisure. It’s also filled with a ton of angry extremists that you’ll need to obliterate on your way to take down their leader, Joseph Seed. However, once the fight’s over in Hope County, Montana, you may be looking for some other games like Far Cry 5 to scratch that itch. Here are 10 games like Far Cry 5 if you’re looking for something similar.

Dying Light

Games Like Far Cry 5

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Dying Light is what you’d get if you took a Far Cry game and added hundreds of thousands of blood-thirsty zombies. The game does a great job at offering open-world exploration from a first-person perspective, and much like Far Cry, danger awaits around literally every corner.

You may be thinking that Dying Light is a little old-hat by now, but due to the fact that the developer has consistently added new content since launch, it still feels fresh.

The Following expansion added vehicles into the mix and further updates added bows, new weapons and plot-lines. The bow in particular is where Dying Light really falls into the category of games like Far Cry 5.

There’s also tower climbing missions which unlock icons all over the map which closely resemble the way a lot of Ubisoft games handle exploration.

If it’s the first-person action of a Far Cry game you’re craving, Dying Light’s solid mix of melee and gun play is some of the finest you’ll find on this list of games like Far Cry 5.

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