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Check out Persona 5: The Animation’s Exciting Second Trailer

Persona 5 anime

Check out Persona 5: The Animation’s Exciting Second Trailer

The Persona 5 anime adaption is slated to air next month, and Atlus has just shared a brand new trailer. We get a better look at some of the major scenes from the game, including the casino, Kaneshiro’s castle, and even up-and-coming ace detective, Goro Akechi. On top of that, we also get a sneak peek at the protagonist’s –now been dubbed as Ren Amamiya – awakening and his time under interrogation.

The anime is produced by A-1 Pictures and will be overseen by Aniplex, with the Japanese dub including most of the original cast members from the game. Aniplex has confirmed that they plan to release an English stream for the show, although no English dub has been confirmed so far.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen some key visuals of the cast, such as Makoto Niijima. True to the game, the anime will be following the original plot and even incorporate confidants. The story follows a group of rebellious teenagers who double as the notorious Phantom Thieves, stealing the hearts of corrupt adults by using an app on their smartphones.

Persona 5: The Animation will be launching on April 7. You can watch the trailer below to learn more about the show.

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