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Which of These Kirby Copy Abilities Would You Choose?


Which of These Kirby Copy Abilities Would You Choose?

The Nintendo Switch’s reign of terror hits yet another peak this Friday, as Kirby Star Allies unleashes its cutesy brand of madcap antics on the world. It’s set to be a return to form for Kirby after a few years of dabbling in side projects (some call it his avant garde period), loaded with the same gobbling and doppelgänging of old – with the key addition that Kirby negotiates his terms with enemies through what can only be described as the power of love.

With Kirby’s chameleon-like ability to adapt to any situation, we have seen some fantabulous abilities over the years, and we’re keen to try out some of his new tricks, too. And what better way to celebrate this momentous event than by listing our picks for the top 10 Kirby copy abilities of all time? So grab a Maxim Tomato, climb onto the nearest warp star, and bring a friend along for the fun! And hey, if you grow tired of their company, feel free to eat them.

10. Suplex

Kirby Suplex

Right from the first pitch, we’re sending a curve ball your way. Don’t you dare bunt.

When most people think of Kirby’s history as a brawler, they’ll go right to the piston punching and lightning kicks of the Fighter ability. And though it is an iconic power that is useful in many situations, there is something intriguing about learning how to become a professional wrestler after consuming an enormous beetle. Alas, it doesn’t work quite as well in real life.

Once Kirby has gained mastery of the grapple (it’s unclear whether he also learns the art of the promo and how to bump safely), he dashes at foes with reckless abandon. Those unfortunate enough to be ensnared by his kung fu grip will be flung, tossed and abused. Suplex has devastating power and some of the most amusing animations in the franchise, as Kirby dominates foes like a tiny pink Brock Lesnar. It’s a little bit limited insomuch that it can’t be used on larger enemies like bosses, but for all of the little punks that dare step into your ring, it’s go time. Here comes the pain!!

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