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Grab Your Friends, A Way Out Is the Best Co-Op Game Out Right Now


Grab Your Friends, A Way Out Is the Best Co-Op Game Out Right Now

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A Way Out is the co-op only cinematic adventure game from Hazelight Studios which tasks two players with escaping from prison. The game is essentially a collection of individual mini-games, linked together by a compelling narrative and as a result, features a bunch of cool moments and things to do. We’ve rounded up the coolest things you can do in A Way Out, and for more on the game, be sure to check out our review. Mild spoilers for the game are included in this article.

You Can Play For Free

Cool Things to Do in A Way Out

One of the coolest things about A Way Out is that only one person actually needs to own the game in order for two friends to play. It can only be played cooperatively, either locally or online, with each player controlling a different character. One friend can play the game for free via the Friends Pass free trial version on the PSN store, Xbox store, or through Origin. This is a great way to forgo any barrier the game may have had by being co-op only, and increases the player base significantly.

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