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10 Words You Won’t Believe Actually Work in Scribblenauts


10 Words You Won’t Believe Actually Work in Scribblenauts

At long last, Scribblenauts Showdown is in our grubby little hands! Though it is a departure from the series norm, we’re having just as much fun trying to force as many bizarre adjectives, verbs, and nouns into the fray as ever. Tasked with an unquenchable thirst? Jot down ‘refreshing lemonade’ and guzzle away! Got a boulder blocking your path? Summon the ‘mighty gorilla’ and watch it do its thing. Keep dying at the same perilous boss? Declare Maxwell as being ‘immortal’ and proceed with ease, you filthy cheater, you.

Indeed, the vocabulary of words on offer in Scribblenauts is so robust, it may take you several attempts before you ever come across a phrase that it doesn’t recognize (or simply spam all of your favorite dirty words). To help spare you the trouble, we’ve prepared a list of ten of the most surprising ones to try out for yourself. Use at your own discretion and be warned – you just may learn something, squire.


Used Car Salesman

Scribblenauts used car salesman

Often, the true surprise in Scribblenauts comes not just from the fact that a word will register, but the idea that it is so specifically coded to exhibit certain behaviors and qualities. Whenever you’re faced with a shabby vehicle, you can spawn the used car salesman, and all of your worries will be alleviated. He’ll seek out old cars, get in them and voila! It begins to sparkle because it is now a spectacular car. And it can be yours for a low, low cost!

Obviously, used car salesmen aren’t known for their mechanical acumen so much as their ability to make any old piece of junk seem appealing. In any event, you’ll definitely be able to get a lot of mileage from these useful characters.

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