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10 Games That Should Be Nominated for an Oscar


10 Games That Should Be Nominated for an Oscar

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Games That Should Be Nominated for an Oscar

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

With the 90th annual Oscars fast approaching, it’s often that games are overlooked at this period of time. But this should not be the case; games are as valid a form of entertainment as any other piece of cinema available and with the impressive storytelling abilities of some games, they should be nominated for one of the most coveted awards in entertainment, the Oscar. If games could be nominated for Oscars it’s these 10 that would surely be the frontrunners.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a stunning example of how to properly execute a dystopian future. Its world is rich, full of depth and memorable characters that you want to stay with until the very end of the story. That alone would be a solid sell for an Oscar, but what makes Human Revolution stand out from the crowd is the biting social commentary on the state of the world now. That’s even more impressive considering it’s told in a universe set over 20 years in the future.

Deus Ex raises questions about the future of technology and what it means to be human while also tackling racism, terrorism, and poverty in a way few films manage to get right. Dystopian films like Blade Runner and Children of Men have had fantastic spells at the Oscars, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution would fit perfectly right alongside them.


This post was originally written by Dawson Roberts.

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