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10 Best Games Made by Just One Person


10 Best Games Made by Just One Person

Stardew Valley

Top 10 Games Made by Just One Person

Stardew Valley dark side

Since its release back in 2016, Stardew Valley has taken the gaming world by storm. The farming simulator was originally built as a fan-remake of a Harvest Moon game by creator Eric Barone after he felt that the series had lost its way. He intended to group together all of the good parts from the Harvest Moon series and package them to produce the perfect game in the series. He quickly outgrew these initial plans and, after a successful response to the game’s Steam Greenlight campaign, he set to work finishing the game. The developer, otherwise known as ConcernedApe, released Stardew Valley on Microsoft Windows on Feb 26, 2016 to both critical and commercial success.

Since then, the game has sold over 3.5 million units across several platforms and is primed and ready to launch its long awaited multiplayer features. Stardew Valley blends elements of farming simulators, dungeon-crawlers, and dating sims to produce a solid experience which looks retro but built on very modern design principles. ConcernedApe has been teasing new content for a while now, but with the multiplayer update imminent, it’s clear that this game will still go on for a while yet.

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