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Top 10 Best Racing Games on PS4


Top 10 Best Racing Games on PS4

Assetto Corsa

Best Racing Games on PS4

best ps4 racing games

If it’s realistic, highly technical racing simulation you’re after, few do it better on console than Assetto Corsa. Originally released back in 2014, but recently updated, the game features a physics system like no other. You really feel the weight of the car as you corner and brake, a feeling of realism only bolstered by the game’s impressive graphical fidelity. A recent patch for PS4 Pro optimization was also released from Sony which makes a big difference to the performance. Assetto Corsa runs at a smooth 60 FPS on the PS4 Pro, regardless of how many vehicles are on screen.

Picking the game up now gives you the option to download all of the extra content that developer Kunos Simulazioni has added over the years. This includes custom lobbies, improvements to online multiplayer and several track and car packs. The game is often cited as the best racing-sim on consoles and with a game as polished as this it is easy to see why.

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