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5 Things Kingdom Come: Deliverance Does So Right (& 3 it Does Wrong)


5 Things Kingdom Come: Deliverance Does So Right (& 3 it Does Wrong)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance drops players into the middle of the medieval world of Bohemia. The game is grounded in historical realism, placing an emphasis on accurate role-playing mechanics. Everything from its combat to its save system is appropriately brutal, with the player able to die in jail, catch diseases and bleed out in the woods, miles from home. Since its launch, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been praised for bringing something new to the modern RPG genre but it certainly hasn’t been without its detractors. The emphasis on realism has left to some questionable design choices which have turned players away from jumping in. With that sentiment in mind, here are five things that the game does so right, and three it does very wrong indeed. Let’s start with the good.

Right: A Refreshing Emphasis on Realism

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Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen a shift away from realism and towards accessibility. Fast travel, constant hints, and hand-holding have become the norm, especially in the RPG scene. Kingdom Come: Deliverance takes a different tact by offering up a realistic role-playing experience. Little details like how dirty clothes can sabotage your chances to gain favor from a noble, coupled with a protagonist who is appropriately useless with a sword, culminate in a brutal but rewarding game. You must constantly eat and drink, bandage wounds, and keep an eye out for danger. The threat of death is around every corner so ensuring you are ready to face it is key. Kingdom Come: Deliverance forces its players to practice, practice, practice. Only by hunting, frequenting the archery range and taking lessons from more experienced swordsman can you get better, and you’d better.

Then there’s the historic realism at play. The game features a handful of real-life characters and takes place during a very real civil war. Most important of all, the game never makes you feel like a superhero, quite the opposite. The protagonist Henry is a peasant from an impoverished village and he feels like one. You’re not going to walk into a bandit camp, perform a few combo moves, and leave with your head still attached. While this may turn many players off, Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s investment in realism above all else is refreshingly bold.

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