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Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Romance Stephanie


Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Romance Stephanie

How to Romance Stephanie in Kingdom Come Deliverance

While some players may have fallen for Theresa after she saved their life at the very start of Kingdom Come Deliverance, others may be looking to court another one of the NPCs in the RPG. Enter Lady Stephanie, the wife of the ruler of Talmberg, and it just so happens that she has a soft spot for our protagonist Henry. Here’s how to romance Stephanie in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

First off, you’ll need to have reached at least the “Awakening” main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance, which you’ll pick up when you reach the town of Rattay. Once you’ve picked up this quest, you’ll need to talk to Stephanie again at Talmberg. Doing so will net you a side quest called ‘At Your Service, My Lady,’ and as its name suggests, you’ll have to go and get a few bits and pieces for her. Specifically, some wine, a horse, and a crown.

Kingdom Come Deliverance actually drops quest markers down for you to highlight where you need to go for each item, so simply head to these and acquire the items in whatever way best suits your character build.

With all items acquired, return to Stephanie in Talmberg. She’ll offer you a shirt in thanks. If you want to court her, you have to accept the shirt. With the side quest complete, you’ll have successfully romanced Stephanie and you’ll pop a trophy/achievement, too!

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