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6 Best Games to Look Forward to in February 2018


6 Best Games to Look Forward to in February 2018

Shadow of the Colossus Remake

(PS4 – Feb. 6)

Best Games to Look Forward to in February 2018

shadow of the colossus ps4

Shadow of the Colossus is one of those games that really resonated with people when it originally released back in 2005 on the PS2. Since then, we’ve seen an HD remaster on the PS3 that addressed the unstable framerate which plagued the original release, as well as increasing its resolution. Still, fans have been clamoring for a full remake to bring this classic up to current generation standings. And that’s exactly what Bluepoint Studios has done.

The remake brings all of the serenity of this artistic adventure game, as well as its iconic Colossi-fighting action to the PS4. Get ready to revel in nostalgia, or experience it the best possible way for the first time. If you thought Agro’s majestic gallop across those sprawling green fields looked great on the PS2, just wait until you see it running at 4K on a PS4 Pro.

Though it still feels dated in some aspects, such as the way in which its camera and controls function, Shadow of the Colossus is still well-worth picking up whether it’s your first or fifth time embarking on this touching adventure.

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