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8 Realistic Things to Expect from Nintendo in 2018


8 Realistic Things to Expect from Nintendo in 2018

News on the Next Smash Bros. Game

nintendo 2018 smash bros.

Ask any die-hard Nintendo fan what their most anticipated game on Nintendo Switch is and Smash Bros. would probably come up in the conversation. The franchise-blending fighter is a perfect fit for Nintendo’s new hybrid given its versatile multiplayer functionality and portability. After the successful port of the Wii U Mario Kart 8 game, it seemed a shoe-in that we would see Super Smash Bros. Wii U follow suit. It’s likely that the time has come and gone for an announcement of a Wii U port on Nintendo Switch so instead we look to the future of the franchise.

It’s reasonable to predict that Nintendo has some plans for the next entry in the series and that we will at the very least hear some details this year. Whether that is just a name announcement like Metroid Prime 4 received last year or a full reveal is anyone’s guess. It’s worth noting that previous Smash Bros. games have featured a lengthy marketing campaign in which each character is announced one by one so even if the game is a while out, Nintendo is likely to get the ball rolling in 2018.

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