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5 Places the Next Battlefield Should Go


5 Places the Next Battlefield Should Go

After this week’s news that the new Battlefield game will be playable at EA’s E3 event this year, we’ve been thinking about where the series can go next. This fall will mark two years since the last entry, Battlefield 1, hit shelves to great critical and commercial success. The game showed that it was possible to build a solid shooter experience around an era as old as World War I, successfully presenting players with a brutal online experience and compelling campaign. So where will the next game be set? In the far future, or maybe in the distant past? Here’s five places the next Battlefield could go.

World War II

5 Places the Next Battlefield Should Go

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One of the most prevalent rumors regarding the next Battlefield game is that it will be set at some point in WWII. This wouldn’t be a first for the series, seeing as the first game was actually set in 1942, but enough time has passed that it might be a good period to revisit. One problem with this theory is that Call of Duty actually did exactly that last year with Call of Duty: WWII, so it may be unlikely for EA to move into the exact same space. Of course, the Battlefield and Call of Duty games have often been set in similar periods so WWII is not completely out of the question. There’s also the fact that we haven’t really seen many shooters set in WWII this generation so the subject matter is far from saturated just yet.

The vehicular combat of World War II seems a perfect fit for Battlefield’s unique brand of large-scale mayhem, and Battlefield 1 showed us that the developers are more than equipped to tackle the heavy subject matter involved with trench warfare.Whether Battlefield chooses to revisit WWII is anyone’s guess but it is worth noting that it could absolutely share the space with Call of Duty, with the two franchises actually being very different from each other in both scale and gameplay.

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