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5 NOPE Moments in Gaming That Ruined Our Childhood


5 NOPE Moments in Gaming That Ruined Our Childhood

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Sinistar (Sinistar)

5 NOPE Moments That Ruined Our Childhood


Picture this: you’re floating through the endless cosmos of space, taking out whatever pitiful enemies and smartass planetoids get in your way. It’s all going well until you hear the phrase ‘beware, I live’ being shouted at you. This is the trademark quip of the titular Sinistar, a gruesome antagonist with a penchant for munching on spacecraft as if they were Skittles. You only have a few brief moments to prepare yourself before it comes flying onto the screen at a fantastic speed, so you’d better pelt it with a whole bunch of laser fire, unless you want to become a scrap wedged between its teeth.

The true motives and nature of Sinistar are never fully explained – it could be a tyrannical warlord from a distant star, or it could simply be the neighborhood bully. It’s not too difficult to defeat it, and the goal of the game is in actual fact to destroy as many Sinistars as you can, but it’s still an imposing figure, despite this. It’ll mock you the whole time, declaring that you’re a coward and imploring you to ‘run, run’, but the worst part is the way it shrieks at you as it chases you down. In space, no one can hear you scream. But you can sure as hell hear the Sinistar.

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