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5 Best PS4 Games to Have On Your Radar in March 2018


5 Best PS4 Games to Have On Your Radar in March 2018

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

Best PS4 Games to Have on Your Radar in March 2018

ffxv final fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has seen a wealth of additional content since its release in 2016, with everything from character episodes to updates adding things in like character swapping. Now, finally, we’re getting something akin to a Game of the Year Edition with the Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition. On top of bundling all DLC and add-ons, the Royal Edition adds a host of brand new content onto the game.

The biggest addition comes with an entirely new dungeon added near the end of the game in Insomnia. There’s also new bosses, a first-person mode, the ability to control the boat Royal Vessel, and more. Luckily, everything added in the Royal Edition can also be purchased through a DLC pack, for owners of the base game. The amount of changes that Final Fantasy XV has gone through is truly impressive, and if you’ve yet to experience the game there’s no better time than the Royal Edition.

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