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They Are Billions: How to Upgrade Buildings


They Are Billions: How to Upgrade Buildings

Work on your buildings.

How to Upgrade Buildings in They Are Billions

They Are Billions relies heavily on resource management and crafting buildings to keep your dwellers alive. Without proper planning, it’s easy to lose track of progress and get overwhelmed by the hoard of zombies attacking the colony. The best way to keep your colony alive in They Are Billions is to upgrade buildings you have already built instead of constantly creating new ones.

Things such as farms, houses, quarries, walls, turrets, and towers can all be upgraded, but you have to use a research building (like the Wood Workshop) to seek out the upgrades. Once you pay off the gold for the research fee, you will have the option to actually upgrade buildings you want. Just keep in mind that you will have to shell out some of your resources for it, so make sure you have enough to keep your colony running even after you upgrade buildings. For access to better defenses and resources, make sure to research upgrades for your research building as well.

Stay on your toes and allocate resources accordingly to survive the long nights in They Are Billions. For more tips and tricks on the game, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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