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10 Best RPGs to Look Forward to in 2018


10 Best RPGs to Look Forward to in 2018

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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (Feb. 13)

radiant historia, perfect chronology

Radiant Historia was originally released in the west back in 2011, and Atlus is bringing it back to the 3DS this year with an enhanced remake. Set in a world called Vainqueur, Radiant Historia follows the story of Stocke, who finds himself with the power to alter timelines. It’s then up to him to use this power to try to prevent the destruction of the continent caused by two warring nations.

Perfect Chronology is the title of the 3DS remake, and it’ll bring about several quality of life improvements and updates to this RPG. There will be updates to the UI and combat system to make it appeal to a more modern audience. A new scenario has also been written for the game, so it’s still worth a look even if you’ve played the original.

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