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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Lost Sphear


5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Lost Sphear

Don’t let the world forget.

An Emotional Story

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Lost Sphear

Lost Sphear is developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, the same folks who put together I Am Setsuna. That game’s storytelling may have been generic, but it was still enjoyable to play through. The game followed the depressing tale of a woman intended as a sacrifice to appease demons, the mercenary accompanying her, and the many companions they meet along the way. Although it’s clear from the outset that the game is focused on giving the player a beautiful tragedy, the overarching narrative still featured moments of lightheartedness and mirth. A bit cliche? Maybe. But it lacked many of the logical fallacies or loopholes that exist in plenty of other JRPGs.

The player felt a genuine bond for Setsuna and her companions as the story went on. The relationships that form between the characters feel natural, and heavily contribute to the game’s heartbreaking end. Even if its story may sound generic as well, players can probably expect Lost Sphear to tell a tale that’ll be sure to pull on the heartstrings.

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