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5 Features Pokemon Games Can Steal from Digimon Story


5 Features Pokemon Games Can Steal from Digimon Story

Pokemon could borrow some ideas from Digimon.

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The Monster’s Models

What Pokemon Can Learn From Digimon Story 

Pokemon look good these days, but an HD touch would bring them closer to Digimon Story.

While the environments of Pokemon outclass Digimon Story’s, Digimon Story’s character models look much better. Each Digimon is beautifully cel-shaded and has a number of animations for its different moves. The sense of scale is also impressive, with the small rookies looking accurately dwarfed by their mega and ultimate counterparts. This scale is certainly missing in Pokemon, although the outrageous sizes (both big and small) of some of them make a true 1-1 scale nearly impossible.

Pokemon will have a serious chance to catch up in this regard with their next mainline release on the Nintendo Switch. Game Freak is working with significantly more powerful hardware for the first time in the Pokemon series, and we can’t wait to see how this is implemented. Even an HD touch on the Sun and Moon models would be incredible, and several YouTubers have tested this very adjustment. However, whether Nintendo will simply stick with this level of upgrade or do something more jaw-dropping remains to be seen.

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