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Top 5 Best Switch Games of Q4 2017


Top 5 Best Switch Games of Q4 2017

A great end to the year for Nintendo’s baby.


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Nintendo reinvented itself in 2017, not just in its hardware but in its software too, and Super Mario Odyssey is the perfect example of that as it helped lead the Switch to even greater heights during its Q4 release schedule. Taking what we’ve come to expect from the series and mixing in some wild and imaginative new ideas, Mario’s latest 3D adventure feels a lot like Zelda: Breath of the Wild in that it’s entirely familiar yet wholly unique at the same time. It’s also full of charm, wit and color unlike pretty much anything else that came out this year. Whilst Link’s newest adventure may be getting all the plaudits, Mario’s is right on its tail.

You haven’t lived until you throw Cappy at a T-Rex, but there’s so much to do here beyond just playing around with real dinosaurs, though we won’t hold it against you if that’s all you do. There’s a ton of moons, mini-games, hidden collectables, the most wardrobe changes in Mario history and (speaking of history) plenty of references to the former plumbers’ past to keep fans happy.

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