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8 Games That Could Break Out in 2018


8 Games That Could Break Out in 2018

2018 already looks promising.

Code Vein

The last few years have shown us that Souls-likes have the potential to really turn into something huge. It’s a new genre that has massive appeal right now and fans are itching for a new Souls experience. This year gave us Nioh, which completely blew up far beyond Koei Tecmo’s expectations, so much so that you could barely find the game in stores because launch stock just wasn’t enough to keep up with demand.

Now Bandai Namco, publisher of Dark Souls, has another Souls-like on the way from the team behind God Eater: Code Vein. The title is splashed with some serious anime style and takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the human race has turned into vampires. Gameplay also revolves around vampiric themes including “gifts” and powers from the consumption of blood that you spill from your enemies. There are some new features to distinguish the game as well, like having a companion at your side throughout the game. There’s currently no release date for Code Vein other than 2018. If it really fits the bill for a Souls-like, it’s fair to say this could be a big one.

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