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6 Best PS4 Games to Have on Your Radar In December 2017


6 Best PS4 Games to Have on Your Radar In December 2017

A slow month, but still some potential.


Best PS4 Games to Have on Your Radar in December 2017

Doom vfr

Doom was one of the most surprising titles of 2016, and its blazing fast combat was a joy to play, and just like Skyrim it’s coming to PSVR this month. The intense gunplay of Doom seems like it could be a good fit for VR, and while it is indeed Doom 2016, there’ll be a few differences. For one, instead of playing Doom Guy you’ll be taking on the role of a scientist killed during the demonic invasion. You get resurrected in a way and gain the ability to inhabit artificial intelligence, meaning you’ll be hopping between a few different robot bodies.

Gameplay also differs a tiny bit in Doom VFR as instead of being relentlessly fast, combat has been slowed down to match the VR experience. You’ll use a teleport ability to move around the world, brutalizing demons you find along the way with Doom’s arsenal of weapons. There are some puzzles to solve in the process as well. PSVR owners have gotten some interesting titles based on existing games lately, like Monster of the Deep and Skyrim VR. Doom VFR is bound to be another interesting addition to the headset’s lineup, and something any fan of the original should keep an eye out for.

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