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Top 5 Best Games to Look Forward to in December 2017


Top 5 Best Games to Look Forward to in December 2017

The best games to play this festive month.

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Hello Neighbor

(Xbox One – Dec. 8)

Hello neighbor, xbox one, december

The busy fall season has brought with it a ton of action-packed titles and huge blockbusters that all more or less feel fairly familiar in one way or another. Hello Neighbor, in that regard, is a pallet cleanser of sorts. Tasking you with sneaking into your neighbor’s house and uncovering the mysteries of their basement, Hello Neighbor is more of a puzzle action title than anything else.

Why? Because your neighbor is actually an incredibly clever AI. If you try and waltz on in through the front door, he’s going to set up cameras to keep an eye on you and chase you away. See an open window? He’ll have it boarded up. The more you play Hello Neighbor, the more creative you’ll need to be if you’re to see what they’re hiding.

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