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7 of the Most Hilarious Sports Game Glitches Ever


7 of the Most Hilarious Sports Game Glitches Ever

There are no words for some of these glitches.

FIFA 14 – Headless Giant Keeper

Funny Sports Game Glitches

FIFA, EA’s incredibly popular Football (Soccer, if you insist on using the incorrect name) game, has seen some incredibly funny glitches over its long history. From in-game players falling all over each other, to the ball not quite behaving like a ball, FIFA players have seen it all. This glitch, however, which involves the goalkeeper turning into a giant headless mess, is quite possibly the funniest we’ve ever come across.

The glitch was seemingly first recorded by SASportsGaming on YouTube, who documented footage of this creature and uploaded it. How to replicate the glitch is unknown, and it’s a mystery as to whether or not we’ll ever see something quite as horrifying come out of FIFA ever again. It made a return in FIFA 15, but nobody has seen it since.

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